There are so many things in my head that I want to say in this blog, that it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve decided to try and keep it simple, so that I can at least publish my first post!

A little background: I’m a freelance food writer and home economist/food stylist with 15 years experience. After training at Leith’s School of Food and Wine back in ’94/’95, I started my foodie career working for Delia Smith, learning the skills of diligent recipe testing, creative recipe development, food writing, magazine editorial work, book editing, and food styling for photography and television along the way. I’ve been a freelance cookery writer and food stylist for the last 10 years, with a particular interest in healthy eating, as I can’t bear the idea of dull diet food when it’s so easy to create delicious high-flavour low-fat meals. I’ve written 6 cookery books for WeightWatchers, which have all proved to be popular (especially my most recent book, the unglamorously-titled Fabulous and Filling), and co-authored a GL cookery book with the nutritionist Rachel Hill, called Power Food (I provided all the recipe content, backed up by her nutritional advice). However, since having my son in March 2007, work has been on the back-burner to a large degree, as the majority of my time is spent looking after him, so most of the work that I do now is from home rather than within the London publishing world.

So these days, much of my cooking is simply home-cooking rather than being ordained for any higher purpose. Some of it is designed to tempt a lively 3 year old into eating (inevitably, he’d far rather eat Birds’ Eye fish fingers and Heinz spaghetti hoops than many of my home-cooked creations – unless it’s of the cake variety). Right now, my cooking has two primary aims; one is to use up the wonderful produce from our newly created veg patch (so far that translates to vast amounts of lettuce, beetroot and some lovely courgettes, both green and yellow). The second aim is weight loss